Work in Progress - excuse the mess

Welcome to the Commons!

New volunteers, we’re so glad you’re here!

Some prep you can do on your own

these will take some time and you might need some support if you are not familiar with Developer tools. Project members are available to help you

  • Review open issues in project GitHub repositories
  • First three modules of this Trailhead
  • All of this trail
  • If you are working on Recipes, come to the sprint with a Scratch Org or Sandbox with NPSP installed
    • Please do NOT use a Production environment during the sprint!
    • If you do not know how to create a scratch org, a great alternative for getting started is using a Trailhead playground with NPSP installed. Follow instructions here
    • Scratch org commands
      • EDA: cci flow run eda:trial_org --org dev --default
      • NPSP: cci flow run npsp:install_prod --org dev OR clone the recipe templates repo and then cci flow run npsp_scratch --org dev
      • CCI Cheat Sheet


  • Join Snowfakery Recipe Writers slack channel for support - project leaders are monitoring this channel and we can help!

Table of contents

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