Roles and Responsibilities

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Project/Team Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Steering Committee

Oversee the entire project team, holding vision and direction for the project. Work with project management to schedule calls and chair meetings. Liaise between staff teams and volunteer project teams. Share institutional knowledge, including providing historical context on why decisions were made and have a solid understanding of where all documents and folders live.  

(For Open Source Commons projects, there are additional requirements, including that the steering committee consist of people from different organizations.)

Project Management  

Work closely with various technical and non-technical team members to help ensure that key deliverables are being completed within the agreed upon timeline. Responsibilities include helping to facilitate and document calls, creating and maintaining project plans, identifying owners of key tasks and much more.

Development Management

  • Coordinates code work

  • Approves PRs

  • Issue/Bug Fix prioritization

  • Code review

Product Management

  • Backlog grooming

  • Feature prioritization

  • Issue grooming

  • Vision/Strategy for Application

  • Roadmap

  • QA Lead Story writer

  • Write test protocols

Volunteer Onboarding 

  • Train on tools we use

  • Train on team meetings and expectations 

  • Sharing a project overview (i.e. roadmap, where we are)


  • Public Facing

  • Messaging

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Presentations

  • Demo

Cross Team Sharing

  • Attends cross-project meetings

  • Shares in cross-team channels

  • Monitors cross-team channels and shares back to project team

UI/UX Leadership

  • Testing

  • Works with project management on prioritization

  • Supports design that will eliminate support questions

  • Concept validation

Leading Support

  • Answers questions in community

  • Understands trends of questions and support needs

  • Coordinates people that can answer questions

  • Communicates with content leader(s) to prioritize new documents

Content Management

  • Overall content creator

  • Manages ‘Tools We Use’

  • Manages content library: slides, videos, email templates

  • Manages and secures login access


  • Executes tests

  • Records test results and failures

  • Anyone

Sprint Day Leadership Roles

Sprinting Lead

  • Specific Goals and tasks for 2 days

  • Sets agenda at table/in breakout

  • Assigns roles

  • Prepares how to use the time

  • Project management

  • Makes decisions to keep things going

Volunteer Onboarding/Wrangling

  • Train on tools we use

  • Processes

  • Team Meetings

  • Expectations

  • Project Overview

  • Virtual/In-Person

Reporting Back - Scribe/Note Taker

  • Verbal reports back to the group

  • Keeps track of work that was done at the sprint

  • Provides written report back (to SFDO, to Slack)

  • A Beginner-appropriate role(s)

Content Creating

  • Doc Writing

  • Video Producing

  • Content Creator

QA Leading

Writes and updates testing protocols. Wrangles testers and coordinates test feedback.


  • Executes tests

  • Records test successes/failures

  • Appropriate role for a beginner or anyone!

Subject Matter Experts

  • Validates ideas/design of project

  • Creates use cases

  • Authors user stories


  • Designs Salesforce/Technical architecture

  • New functionality

  • Creates sustainable architecture

Code Writing

Creates technical requirements and codes. Builds and customizes apps to work on top/in conjunction with Salesforce platform.

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