Metéchō is a, Open Source Commons, Web-based tool that makes it easier for you to view, test, and contribute to Salesforce Projects created for the Salesforce platform without requiring knowledge of GitHub or Salesforce Command Line.

Pronunciation: “Met” rhymes with “bet.” “Echo” as in the reflection of sound waves.

Definition: To share or participate in.

Why is Metéchō used

Metéchō combines all the power of the GitHub code repository and Salesforce scratch orgs and wraps it into a Web site. There is no need to install anything on your computer to get something from code into a working Salesforce scratch org. Metéchō makes it easy to:

  • Takes Salesforce code and metadata that has been configured with CumulusCI and builds an org with other package dependencies, data, and org configurations. All with the click of a button.

  • Create Epics from GitHub issues. An epic is like a story of something you need to build into a project

  • Assign developers and testers to bite sized tasks within an epic for declarative changes made in scratch orgs

  • Automatically creates Github branches for epic task

  • Automatically creates GitHub branches for tasks

  • Retrieves declarative, clicks-not-code, changes from Metéchō scratch orgs to GitHub code

  • Regulate access to Metéchō through GitHub

Installation and Setup

There is no need to install anything (other than a Web browser) to use Metéchō. All that is needed is access give through the Open Source Commons.

Going Deeper

The following is a brief walk-through of Metéchō created by the Open Source Commons Ombudsman Cloud Care team.

OCC Metéchō Demo from Ombudsman Cloud Care on Vimeo.

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