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What’s an Open Source Community Sprint?

It’s all about our amazing community! It goes way beyond the Power of Us Hub. During the event, the community of admins, implementation partners, app partners, and developers will come together with a common goal of making the ecosystem around our open source products better for everyone else (lots of laughs and caffeine included too).

The goal of the Community Sprint is simple: making the most of your contribution. Create something impactful that can be shared with everyone in some capacity. It’s an unconference format style event. What exactly that contribution is depends on who is attending and what skills they bring.

What to expect during a sprint/mini sprint

  • Pair programming or heads-down writing mixed with occasional big picture brainstorming
  • Breakout rooms on top of breakout rooms
  • Learning how to use GitHub and helping each other get unstuck
  • Take breaks (ok to join a work call if needed)
  • (Virtual only): We encourage you to keep video on (if you are comfortable doing so)
  • Sense of accomplishment for making Pull Requests (PRs) against Issues !!!

Group shot of about 60 sprint attendees in matching blue, sprint tshirts

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