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Perhaps you have just learned about Open Source Commons are you are interested in learning more. Perhaps you are attending a Sprint and want to learn where you fit in. Or, perhaps you are ready to take your commitment to the next level. Keep reading to learn about three types of participation in the OSC Commons program. Some people move between these roles and some stay in one for a long time. All experiences and scenarios are welcome!


Explorers are new to the OSC program. We found out about the program through networking or mentorship and we are trying to find our place. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but luckily we have Astros and Sprinties to guide the way. We bring new ideas and perspectives to the OSC, including brainstorming new project efforts. We look for ways to contribute to projects by reading Github Repositories and looking for Issues where we can help. We are great at doing testing, survey design, doc writing, and marketing tasks.


Contributors have attended one or more sprints, mini-sprints, or OSC events. We are learners, writers, and subject matter experts. We love to attend sprints, but typically don’t play a role in planning them. Some of us are affiliated with on-going projects, but others of us like to “butterfly” and support different projects at different points. We are cross pollinators, connectors, and integrators. We help to make OSC events inclusive and effective. We can help beginners get started and sometimes we are are also beginners. Some of us are in leadership positions in the Trailblazer Community, such as user groups and community dreamin’ events.


Maintainers are long-haul committed volunteers who are typically affiliated with one (or more!) on-going projects [need hyperlink]. We often join in monthly planning meetings and do in-between meeting tasks. Some of us are on the steering committees for our projects and determine project goals, meeting cadence, sprint participation, and more. We are ambassadors for the OSC program and prioritize OSC in our professional development and volunteer time when possible. We love to collaborate on projects that benefit the Salesforce.org ecosystem and we treat each other with much affection (big hugs! birthdays! career advice!). Sprinty Contributors are generous, visionary, and willing to roll up their sleeves to do what needs to be done.

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