World Tour London Community Sprint

Date: June 30th, 2023

Location: London, UK

ICYMI: On June 30th, the day after Salesforce World Tour London, The Commons hosted a Community Sprint with a bursting room full of almost 100 partners, customers, and staff on the Ohana Floor in the London Salesforce Tower. Here’s a quick rundown of what our Sprinters created and worked on to share with the broader Nonprofit and Education Salesforce community.

What’s a Community Sprint? Sprints are Salesforce-hosted community innovation events (similar to a hack-a-thon) that are regularly hosted to bring partners, customers, and employee volunteers together to identify, prioritize and build solutions that make using Salesforce more impactful for nonprofit & education organizations. Want to participate in the future or stay in the loop for upcoming events? Join our Trailblazer Group to stay tuned to Learn more!

Group image of June 2023 London Sprint event attendees.

This is our second time this year activating our London Sprint Community and the feeling in the room was incredible! We spent the day working alongside other Salesforce Nonprofit and Education volunteers contributing to existing projects like Animal Shelter Starter Pack and UK Technical Collective, land launching new initiatives like an AI chat prompt library for Nonprofit and education use cases. We heard inspirational greetings and encouragement from EVP Nonprofit leader Mike Wolff and VP of Trailhead EMEA Stuart Mills, and had a fantastic time connecting as a community after the Sprint at Swingers Crazy Mini Golf. All in all, nothing compares to time spent with our community and our attendees delivered on all fronts.

We also want to give a huge thank you to all of the Salesforce staff who volunteered their time at the event - we couldn’t do it without you, thank you!

“I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten out of today. Not just the project, but it’s been brilliant - the synergies, asking questions to people at my table, the support I’ve received. I’ve learned more in the last 2 hours than I have in the last 5 weeks” - Community Sprint Participant

Sprint Project Recap + New Teams and Community Activations! At every Community Sprint event, participants are encouraged to work on and offer their contributions to existing Commons teams to further maximize their efforts and impact. Along with this, Sprinters are also prompted to innovate on current challenges they face in their day-to-day to create NEW ideas and solutions for our Nonprofit and Education community.

Take a look at what our Sprinters in London worked on after asking themselves “What is a current challenge my community struggles with and what can I do to solve it?”

What was worked on at the Sprint?

  • Technical Collective - A formalised way to match local not-for-profits with an inexperienced admin supported by a technical collective of experienced Salesforce professionals.
    • Focused on at the Sprint: After launching two successful pilot projects, this group is now focused on incorporating feedback to strengthen the program, create sign up forms for the next cohorts, create marketing appeal for the different program personas (non-for-profit, inexperienced admin, Salesforce expert admin), draft documentation, and collect feedback and blockers to resolve.
    • Next Steps: Write use cases, build on SF org, start a third project pilot!
    • Learn more.
  • Flow Recipes - A recurring theme at almost every Sprint we’ve held in the past year, this project aims to help nonprofits build confidence in their ability to create automation and be inspired by flow recipes.
    • Focused on at the Sprint: Started curation of automation resources on different levels, 17+ different flow recipe ideas (5 flows created and documented, 7 in progress), and suggested naming conventions and strategy.
    • Next Steps: Transfer recipes from google docs to shared Wiki Pages for submission to the Sprinty’s Community Resources library.
    • Learn more.
  • Animal Shelter Starter - A Salesforce Labs app that is transitioning to the Commons, the Animal Shelter Starter provides the foundation to use Salesforce for managing animals, treatments, conditions, housing and related activities.
    • Focused on at the Sprint: App documentation, user testing, capturing new feedback on design, error and bugs identification and resolution.
    • Next Steps: Resolve issues and incorporate new ideas in preparation for the next app version.
    • Install the app and learn more.
  • NEW! AI Prompt Recipe book for Nonprofits - A new project seeking to help Nonprofits benefit from crafting effective prompts in generative AI tools.
    • Focused on at the Sprint: Discussions around use cases being unclear to nonprofit admins, and if the current public tools are safe to use. The usage of key terms such as Salesforce, Nonprofits and NPSP (for example) will greatly help them in returning more accurate responses from generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google Bard. The team has started tested out a variety of prompts that will be ratified and added to the recipe book along with the inclusion of best practices.
    • Next Steps: Flesh out the drafted prompts and best practice recommendations into a digestible form that can be linked to Sprinty’s Community Resources.
    • If you have a prompt idea, submit it to the team now!
  • NEW! GDPR Compliance for small budget Nonprofits - This new project focused on mitigating the inherent challenge nonprofits encounter when syncing their GDPR statuses between their email platform and Salesforce.
    • Focused on at the Sprint: Discussed the different existing solutions that already exist, but recognized that many of them are often priced beyond what a non-profit can spend. For many smaller nonprofits this is not a viable solution. The team also discussed general GDPR strategy for Salesforce, and aim to help nonprofits answer the questions: “How do you want to record GDPR status in your Salesforce org?“, and ”Is there a best practice of how to do this?“.
    • Next Steps: Produce a resource to help inform other nonprofits of the possible solutions to fit their requirements. Will be uploaded to Sprinty’s Community Resources.

What’s Next? Feeling a little FOMO reading about the incredible impact the Sprint community creates for Nonprofits and Education organizations? Well, Save the Date for our next Community Sprint in our brand new Chicago Salesforce Tower on October 30th and 31st (a spooky Halloween Sprint!). No tricks, just an impactful treat you don’t want to miss!

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