Something special happened in London!

Dates: January 17 & 18th, 2023

Location: Blue Fin Building, Southwark

Part of what makes the global community so unique is the passion for collaborating with other nonprofit and education focused Trailblazers, to contribute Salesforce and professional skills to build open source community solutions for common challenges affecting Nonprofits and Schools.

We’re were thrilled to gather our Nonprofit and Education community in London for two days of brainstorming, creating impactful solutions, and fun networking to build community solutions for common challenges affecting Nonprofits and Schools.

Sprint Event Highlights:

  • Participants spent their time working on 8 community led projects, 5 which were new to this event
  • Sprinty, our beloved Community T-Rex Mascot, journeyed to London and made an appearance! Sprinty continues to set the tone for Sprints by representing how welcoming our events are.

Projects worked on:

  • How-to Videos
    • Worked on: Written 6 Scripts, Re-written 1 Script, Peer Reviewed 5 Scripts
    • On to audio and screen capture tasks at an upcoming Sprint
  • Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries (DLRS)
    • Worked on: Audit of existing docs, brainstorm new user guide, and added a number of new pages to the doc site! Including 1. Tab Tour, 2. Diagram of real time and scheduled rollups, 3. User guide - how to create a roll up, 4. Scheduled rollup documentation.
    • Next Steps: Publish remaining docs on doc site
  • Sprinty’s Community Resources - Notes Doc
    • Worked on: Review of prior submissions, testing UI and giving notes, collecting new resources to submit
    • Next Steps: Publish resources
  • Open source doc gen solution - Notes doc
    • Repo:
    • Worked on: Identified needs for doc gen when using NPSP, scoped requirements, and explored available solutions in the market with pros/cons. Published a survey form to collect use cases from the community.
    • Next Steps: Publish research on App Advice page. Design MVP prototype for an open source solution.
  • UK Admin Match - Local program to upskill inexperienced admins to help Charities make the most of their Salesforce platform with the added support of a group of experienced Salesforce professionals.
    • Repo:
    • Notes doc
    • Worked on: Identified three personas (charity, experienced volunteer, inexperienced Admin), and created guidelines for match criteria.
    • Next Steps: Create a one pager FAQ and scheme for pilot of 6 charities. Publish an draft article and/or provide braintrust to SFDO Pro Bono team for potential Impact Exchange roadmap.
  • Out of the box flow templates for common follow-up and processes - Notes doc
    • Repo:
    • Worked on: Defined use cases, with an eye for easy templatable options. Defined criteria for Flows.
    • Next Steps: Build out first flow/sub-flow and test.
  • Help Admins replace NPSP Workflows with Flow - Notes doc
    • Repo:
    • Worked on: Reviewed current NPSP workflows and prioritised which to focus on first. Created flow replacement for email automation.
    • Next Steps: Document replacement for phone number automation.
  • Common Data Models - Refugee Support Starter Pack - Notes doc
    • Repo:
    • Worked on: Created a refugee timeline, data structure, and templates for government policy scheme. Spun up a trial
    • Next Steps: Create detailed ERD, begin building trial org to extend NPSP.

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